I make ‘to-do’ lists often for various reasons, but the most important reason is to let my client(s) know what I’ve completed for that day/week.  Utilizing a ‘to-do’ list in your daily activities isn’t bad and I bet your co-workers, clients, family members create one too.  Consider a ‘To-do’ lists as a way to manage your time and a reminder of upcoming tasks/projects that need to be completed timely.

Even though a ‘to-do’ list is great and can assist you in managing your time, they can become overwhelming.  Make sure that each item on your list has a deadline, time and place and/or more detailed information.  By adding this information you can manage your day better and not have added stress of feeling you HAVE to complete all tasks by 5pm that day.  If you aren’t crazy about ‘to-do’ lists consider utilizing your calendar whether its Outlook, Google, or a hand written wall type calendar.

Remember even if a ‘to-do’ list isn’t your thing, you may want to still have a place to write down tasks/projects.  No matter what we all need to make sure we are on task.

If you are at this point of this short blog post then it means you found some value of what I wrote.  If that is the case, then comment below on how you use a ‘to-do’ list, do you have one, is it a sheet of paper or calendar, deadline attached or plain ole can’t work with one?  Come on I’m sure many of use who read this would love to know!