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Website Maintenance Plans

Keep your website up to date, healthy and secure!

When was the last time you updated your website?

Been awhile huh?  I hear ya!  I get it too!

Keep the following in mind the next time you consider putting off updating…..

  • WordPress backend gets updated to keep our websites safe…. there are hackers every where!
  • Plugins make updates to improve to help YOU in the usability of your website
  • Traffic going crazy, your blogging or making changes/additions to the site happening pretty frequently?

There are really only three factors as to why you should make sure your website is updated and maintained frequently!

Let’s Move On…

Gosh Another Thing to do in our business!

This is where I step in….

I work with business owners in making sure their site is running smoothly, theme(s) and plugins are not outdated, cache has been cleared for older versions to be gone, making sure blog posts look fabulous, as well as creating new or updating current pages!

Now you have the freedom to sit back and work on growing your business with out the hassle of another task on your plate!


Basic Plan

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A simple plan for smaller, less active websites


2 x a month
check, update and change (as needed) plugins
back website once a month
basic report every 3 months



Ideal Plan

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Plan ideal for active sites; blogging, adding/changing pages.  Over 5,000 visitors per month


4x a month
check, update and change (as needed) plugins
back website up 2 times a month
up to 2 blogs per month
updating existing pages
email marketing setup
monthly report



Top of Top Plan

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Top plan for those high trafficked sites (10,000+ visitors monthly), blogging, new/change pages


All Services in Ideal Plan
PLUS: unlimited pages and blog posts
ExceptionBackup website weekly/monthly