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Virtual Assistant Services

You ready for a Virtual Assistant?  I’m here to help.  I’ve been a VA since 2000 helping a variety of small business owners with their back end tasks.  You know the ones that aren’t making them money when they themselves do the tasks? I love every minute.

What makes me stand out from other Virtual Assistants is that I don’t just keep doing the same thing over and over.  I learn more and change up the way things are being done for each client, depending on their needs.  Just because one thing worked for a year doesn’t mean every year that same thing will continue to work.  We all advance therefore our clients should as well and we being their VA should assist them in doing so.

Tasks range from:  Bookkeeping (QuickBooks Online), email management, graphics, web maintenance, downloadables and more.

Below you will see my most popular tasks.

One-Hour Chat Session

In this one-hour chat session we chat about whatever you are needing to chat about related to your business needs.  It can be anything from marketing, social media, web design/maintenance to email.  You name it.  It’s your session, but it’s a deep session where you will receive advice, tips, suggestions, resources, possibly how-to session, and more. Come prepared to take notes!

Book Me Session

Starting Cost:  $150.00 per hour

30-Day Social Media Basic Package

It’s recommended to post at least once a day on Facebook, couple of times a day on Instagram and well Twitter lots.  Pinterest and LinkedIn whatever your needs are.

This package includes:

  • Image and content creation (30 days worth of)
  • Scheduled posts
  • Contract basis (3-month, 6-month to 12-month)

***Prices are not listed for each business needs are different and quoted accordingly.***

Personal Assistant Services

This is the all-around VA services….where you need assistance for multiple tasks or a single task.  No cost is listed for this is customized per your needs for you and your business.  Costs could be based on hourly or monthly rate.

Let’s chat today!   FYI your first 30 minutes are FREE…  Book Your Session Now.