What I mean by the title is there are many Virtual Assistants out there that can assistWomen you, but what is great is each Virtual Assistant has her/his own niche or skills.  As you are figuring out what you are looking for for a Virtual Assistant to assist you; you may find you need more than ONE Virtual Assistant.

Yep that is right!  Think about it…you need someone to check voicemail and return calls, Social Media AND a bookkeeper to help with your invoicing and bill pay.  More than likely you will NOT find a Virtual Assistant who can do all three tasks!  But the need is there so go out there searching for two or three Virtual Assistants!

Here are a few Virtual Assistants with different niches for you to compare and see what I mean or even contact:

JENZ Virtual Office – If you are seeking some assistance that involves a techie in nature project.

Tucson Accounting – This company may not advertise themselves as Virtual Assistants, but all businesses need an accountant.

Time Saving Concepts –  Here is Donnamarie who offers a variety of services, but what caught my eye is the event planning, marketing and public relations.

Before you make a decision to hire only one Virtual Assistant look around and consider multiple Virtual Assistants.  Could even save you from worrying over training the one you did choose who may not have that one skill that overrides all others.  Multiple Virtual Assistants may be a money saver too.