No matter what – a business owner can’t hire someone to help with their business unless they go thru a process in hiring someone.

When hiring a Virtual Assistant use the same method you would use when hiring a full-time employee.

No matter what that process is – use it!

There are some exceptions – one being not to use a resume – use the VA’s website.

Consider these suggestions as well:

  1. Review their website.  Does it have a professional look/feel to it?  Can you easily contact them either via email, contact form or phone?  Click thru all the pages.
  2. Make a list of questions:  Time available, skills, knowledge, length of time in business, references, and how to stay in touch.
  3. Don’t use email for the interview – set an hour aside and talk via phone or Skype.

Use the suggestions as you see fit for your business.  You may not need to know time available instead their time zone may be what you are seeking.  There could be more things you are seeking that you will need.

I would love to see comments on what you would be interested in knowing for YOUR business from your Virtual Assistant – go for it!  Comment below!


Quick thank you to Roy Ackerman, The Adjuvancy, LLC  for commenting on an earlier blog that got me thinking on this very topic.