NO!  You do not have to use the Facebook app!  Not on your phone or tablet.  Especially, if you are using these for business connections.

Early last month, December 2014, I broke down and purchased my first tablet.  A Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.  I had always told myself I didn’t need one, but I decided to grab one and see what I could do with it that was different from my laptop especially for my training sessions on Social Media.

Of course I downloaded Facebook, Facebook Page, Facebook Groups, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, LinkedIn, Nook, and a few other apps that I enjoy on my phone. Several hours later I was ready to delete Facebook.

Why?  The very first thing I noticed was the size of the images – HUGE!  The images take over the whole 10.1 screen and was hard to figure out where to comment and see other comments.  On top of that couldn’t see the image in one screen.  So I removed it from the tablet home screen.

Once I did that I realized by utilizing the other Facebook apps, Messenger, Groups and Pages, these three were the only ones I really wanted or needed to conduct business via Facebook.facebook-groups

One key ingredient to the mix; I became more productive.

Look at it this way:  Groups and Pages allows us to only see those posts versus having to scroll down our news feed in Facebook and seeing other non-business posts that can distract us when we should be working.

Several months back I uninstalled Messenger on my phone due to the app downloading my friends list to my contacts.  I had uninstalled and re-installed several times making sure the sync process was turned off only to find them there again.  I do have it installed on my tablet for I don’t use it to check my contacts.

I haven’t taken the Facebook app off my phone, but then again I don’t like using my phone to answer emails let alone do business on Facebook Groups or Pages.  Once I get the hang of my tablet more – my phone may become obsolete for these apps to be installed.

Are you brave enough to remove Facebook app from your tablet or phone?  Especially if you need to be more productive in your time while working with or on Facebook?  Challenge yourself in removing Facebook and see how much more productive you become.

Would love to hear your thoughts on this – comment below.