{EAV_BLOG_VER:dc9619b4d4b48173}Smartphones and iPads have been on the rise for the last several years allowing many consumers to surf the internet on the road instead having to wait till they get home.  Those that are surfing the internet via their smartphone come across many sites that aren’t mobile ready.  These sites are slow opening, pages do not open properly, too much scrolling down or sideways to find things and end up frustrated.  What do they do, they search for another website that is quicker to open and easier to surf.  You just lost a potential consumer.   It’s time to get mobile!

Two key points to consider when designing a mobile website: speed and usability.  When you are on a mobile device you are searching for something specific right?  Don’t need all the bling that many sites use to bring people back to them.  Therefore you need to consider a few things to get your website mobile ready for those that rely on their smartphone.  These suggestions are for those that aren’t techy.  Read this article if you are techy or want to be:  How to Build a Mobile Website.

Auto-Detect Mobile Phones plugins: there are many plugins that you can upload to your site especially for those using WordPress.  These plugins once added will detect when someone is using a smartphone to connect to your website and make it a mobile friendly site.

Avoid Mobile-Unfriendly elements:  using flash, images, and complex layouts can make many mobile users continue on to another site.

One Window:  avoid using pop-ups and new windows.  Not sure how I feel about the new window, but I do see where they are going with it.

Scrolling:  make sure that your site doesn’t have to be scrolled horizontally or vertically often.  Scrolling in ONE direction is easier than scrolling all over.

Fluidity:  have your site easily go to the next page without allot of changes from one page to the next.

I saw this idea of getting your site recognized by others via mobile technology. I’ve mentioned this “new” technology before in a blog titled QR Codes: Today’s Newest Technology Finally Here.  Consider using a QR Code for consumers to quickly learn more about your business, products, give them a free MP3, and much more.  Put the QR code on your business card, flyers, handouts, and/or emails!  This way they get the key point of your business and can surf your site if they so choose to.

To sum it up…businesses are going mobile! Those that have smartphones are utilizing it to check emails, update blogs, checking into places, paying bills, process credit cards and much more.  Look into it for your business website and either consider doing it now or wait till you are ready.  It’s up to you!

Is your website mobile ready or are you considering it?  How often do YOU use a smartphone and what do you find yourself using it for!