This past Saturday the kids and I headed for a day at our state fair.

A much needed time away from the house, sports and school stuff.

Our day was filled with the many rides, animals, food, contests of bake goods, arts and crafts and lots more.  A full day adventure of enjoyment and laughter.

As we were heading to a new section ‘The American Frontier’ – I saw something I would never have thought about being at a fair.  Our state park system setup a booth that was full of interesting facts on our state and the parks we have.  Right before we headed out of their booth there on a large poster board a QR Code to their website!

Neat idea and wonder how many clicked on it with their phones.  I didn’t since I receive their newsletter and visit their site often.  Would love to find out though.

Have you used a QR code in a unique way or seen one where you would never have thought to see one?  Comment below – would love to hear from you.