Why Social Media – to the point it’s the newest way to market your business today!  It’s ‘free’ to some extent, faster, colorful, loud, moving, fun – you name it!


An average business owner spends their days/weeks/months networking in all the groups, attending all the events.  Pretty steady with clients.  Times when things are slow.  Then those regular clients step right back in or you get a few new clients.  More networking and new network groups start up.  The cycle continues for another year.

Don’t get me wrong, networking is great.  I do it!  BUT I also recognize that I can’t network all the time.  There are other avenues for business success.

One is Social Media!

Think how many people are currently ACTIVE on each of the Social Media platforms right now!  Think about the population in your bar-graph-fruittown/city/county that is on the Social Media platforms right now!  Would that number equate to the networking you did this week or last week?

No!  But there are ways on Social Media to capture their attention.

Here are a few facts I grabbed on each of the most active Social Media platforms:

Facebook: 864 million daily active users, 703 million are mobile daily active users, 1.35 million monthly active users.  (as of September 30, 2014)

Twitter: 284 million active daily users, 100 million daily active users (as of October 2014).

LinkedIn: 330 million users,107 million is in the US and 75% of new members that joined LinkedIn are outside the US.  39 million students and recent graduates have joined LinkedIn. (data from LinkedIn)

social-media-worldPinterest: 47.89 million unique visitors are from the US (as of October 2014).  This platform is the fastest growing Social Media platform in the history of Social Media.

Instagram: 7.3 million daily users, 130 million active users and 50% reside in the US.

Would love to have numbers broken down to my location of Chesterfield, Virginia who is on Social Media right now!  I can only image the potential here.

If you could touch at least 50% of these people in anyway would you take it?  Would you further your skills or higher out your Social Media to expand into that untouched area?

I believe you would say YES!

Are you ready to take your business to the next level of your success?  Yes?

Social Media marketing is the way to go.

This is the area you need to invest in in 2015.

It won’t be easy to figure out Social Media on your own or you would be doing it now.

I offer several different services developed with you in mind.  Email me for a free 15 minute consult to decide which is best.

Comment below where you are in your Social Media marketing.  Will you be doing more Social Media marketing in 2015?  What frustrates or overwhelms you the most when working on your platforms?  Let me know below!