Don't let technology keep you from taking your business to the next steps!

Tech Geek

Tech stuff keeping you from taking your business to the online world?

Of course it is!

That is where I step in!

I love the tech side of businesses and will get you to where you need to be.

You are FAB at what you do!  But the tech side isn’t quite you!  Your frustrated and overwhelmed with all those tips and tricks you are finding.  They aren’t the key to creating your dream!

Is this you:

tech geek imagea (1)

  • I went DIY on my website, but still have holes in the design
  • People tell me I need an email list, but where to start
  • LeadMagnet what is this and what do I create
  • Never finish what I started
  • Website – ugh where do I start and then move forward
  • Everyone says “Social Media is where I need to be”, but how
  • Landing pages – heard the term, but not sure what it is
  • How to organize my content for I have lots

I understand!

Isn’t it time to focus on your dreams and make your business a success?

Let me be your Tech Geek in making your ideas become a reality.

By hiring me to be YOUR ‘Tech Geek’:

I can take all those ideas and make them a reality.  It doesn’t matter how non tech savvy you are – you will not be judged!  You can take your business to another level without the stress or frustration of you figuring all these tech stuff out.

Don’t let words like ‘website‘, ‘leadmagnet‘, ‘freebie‘, ‘opt-in‘, ‘email marketing‘ get to you and shy away from.

Leona Martin Tech Geek Banner

You can move your business forward without frustration of learning a task that isn’t necessary to learn if you can outsource to another.

You can launch your email marketing without figuring it all out.

You can still work with your clients without all the tech skills.


Who am I?  I’m Leona, Tech Geek and Social Media Coach.  I’ve been working Leona Martin Profile Imagewith small business owners for over 15 years in the behind the scenes tasks.  I understand and get what the frustrations can be in learning new skills necessary to take our businesses online.

I have spent time learning how to create websites before WordPress was even a word.  Then as a Virtual Assistant I learned what small business owners need for their back office tasks.

Now I’m taking all those skills and offering up my Tech Geek and Business Designer skills to other small business owners.


Now it is YOUR turn!

Let me take your dreams of online success to the next step in your business.  No more worries of figuring out the tech side.

How it all works:

 We discuss your goals and determine which action(s) need to be taken first.

Research all the programs needed for YOU and YOUR business.

Create accounts, designs and more.


Why hire a Tech Geek?

Allows you to continue working your business and gaining clients.

You are ready to move forward, but not interested in learning

Overall freedom of making your dreams come true.