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Business Designer

Curious what a Business Designer is? I can help ya!

A Business Designer is one who works with business owners on how to create and implement ideas and systems in their business.

These ideas can be how to grow your email list with lead magnets to automated email series. Creating the steps to what you can do with your video recordings. In addition how to utilize Social Media into these ideas and systems.

It’s an endless area that allows you to take those awesome ideas and grow your business.

What’s the difference in a Business Coach to a Business Designer?

A coach helps you figure out what you are in need of to get the details going on your lead magnet, but a designer works with you on which systems fit your business, design the layout to implementation of your ideas into the systems to have them run.  Basically, work on all that tech stuff from start to finish.

Are you willing to sacrifice your time and loss or growth of clients to learn, design and implement these complex systems?

Now is the time!

Take your business to the next step of growth without the stress, worry or wasted time trying to figure out the technology and systems behind it all. For this is the real world – growing our email lists, promoting our businesses via Social Media, creating new services or digital products and more.

Let’s go…….

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