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Are you 'using' Social Media, but nothing is happening?

Just like any marketing, we need to understand how to use it, where does it fit into our business, and how to take it to the next level to build our business.

If you are struggling with the starting up?

Not sure how to optimize Social Media to is fullest.

Take full advantage of the platforms capabilities.

Tired of doing it yourself.

Wondering how to make money while using Social Media.

Then let's chat for 30 minutes to see exactly where you are, where you can go and let's get a plan in place for the next 30 to 60 days.

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Business Designer

Ready to build your business online, but not quite sure of the basics needed for YOUR business?  

Website (review or new design), all areas of your current marketing (Social Media included), free or paid optins, and much more.

This program is designed with YOU in mind, not your neighbor or competitors.

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Email Marketing

Email Marketing is NOT dead!  You may have heard this, but it isn't.  

It is the one key way to get in front of current and future clients that can make it easier on you to get additional information in front of them.

Here we will setup, create, and make active for your continued marketing efforts.

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Social Media 1 to 1

No matter what stage of Social Media knowledge you may be at, there is always the time to learn more.

You will: learn the basics as well as advance features as time progresses and needs, how to optimize and strategize your the platforms you need, which ones are key or ideal for YOUR business and much more.

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Social Media Management

Tired or no time to work on your Social Media?  Then it is time to hand off this key area of marketing off to another.

Depending on your current needs, Social Media Management can be made to work for you now.  

After we chat, we can create a management plan for YOU!

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Graphic Design

Today is a visual world, therefore you need eye catching, fresh images to portray your business branding as well as a clean looking style.  

Business Advertising: flyers, postcards, resumes

Social Media: all platforms

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Leona Martin Web Design

Website Design

Having a website you love is key to any business today.  We work closely together to determine your needs, desires today as well as into the future.

Includes:  desired number of pages, installation of the builder you desire, all installation of plugins, and whatever else we deem during your 1to1 consultation. 

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Leona Martin Web Design

Website Management

Once you have your website designed and is live.  What next?  

You need to make sure all areas behind the scenes stay up to date.  Plugins get outdated or upgraded, WordPress platforms makes improvements frequently that needs updated,  your theme may need to be updated and much much more.

Keep your site running!

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