For the last several months I’ve been watching the uses of QR Codes in businesses.  I’ve been fascinated and have scanned a few to see what happens upon scanning.  Pretty neat tool and gets more information to the consumer quicker and possibly more sales especially in their store.  Many QR Codes are being used in advertising material with the hopes that consumers will continue to come back or grab new consumers.

Just the other day my husband was looking thru a new and used car magazine when a page caught my eye.  On the top left corner beside the business name was a QR Code that when scanned took them right to the website of the cars mentioned on the page and more.  Nice!

Considering now?  You should!  The creation of QR Codes in your business will get people to check out your website, communicate with you by email or calling once scanned, get more information on a specific product they are wanting and so on!

Here a few suggestions on how to use QR Codes in specific business industries:

  • Restaurants:  post on a coupon, menu brochure
  • Car Sales:  advertising material in magazines and newspapers, stick a QR       Code on a car brochure that links back to their website with car                       information
  • Medical Offices: QR Codes can be created for each doctor and put on their     business card or business brochures
  • Clothing Stores:  window displays
  • Realtors:  post a QR Code on brochures for houses for sale
  • Local Farmers: put on their produce linking back to their website

How about FUN ways to use QR Codes:

  • temporary tattoo
  • Cocktail napkins
  • fun gift for clients: create a puzzle that client        puts together for QR Code
  • historical sites can create and post on walking       tours
  • museums can create them and post by                     paintings/sculptures giving details on                     painting/sculptures

QR Code Generators: (there are many more than what I’ve listed here)

Comment below if you are using QR Codes or considering and have yet to get started?  How are you using of considering to use QR Codes in your business?  Any other fun ideas or business suggestions on utilizing them?