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May’s Lawn Care, LLC had a really great look to their website, but needed only a few tweaks here and there to make it stand out more.  One thing they were looking for was some ‘action’ stuff on their homepage and the slider that was in use, wasn’t going to work on mobile or tablet.  Not there are other ways around, but they wanted that action to keep occurring even on these devices.  Therefore we turned the tables a bit to have interchanging service locations as well as the icon area below a bit to move up a bit upon mouse movement.

Once we had the home page inline, we moved to the other pages.  Bring more personality out over content.  Showcase their equipment, themselves as well as previous and/or current lawn care and landscaping projects.

This site was already awesome to begin with… just needed their personality injected into the site.  Showcase what they can accomplish and do to make their clients lawns look well taken care and gorgeous!