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Website Re-Design

Joanne Givler, Crisper Carpet creator/designer, reached out for she was ready to get this product of hers out to the world.  Only website design isn’t her thing and her son tried to assist.

After looking over her site and consulting for a bit – we realized with her only have ONE product we need to focus on that product.  In some ways her product is a visual thing as well as ‘how does this help me in keeping my produce FRESH’.  It’s simple!

One large focal image, tag line that says it all and that buy button right there on the home page.  Plus what her customers say needed to be shouted out as well with some other insightful information.  Then we tightened up several of the other pages and her shop area.  Too many words for people to read to understand how the product came about, how it works and what makes it so awesome!

Check out the before video then below it what the site looks like now.

**since the making of the video and site, there have been some slight changes.**

Video 1: Before Update (Original Website)

Video 2: (Updated Website)