Blog blocks

We all know having a blog is a wonderful tool for any small business owner. Yet it is only powerful and purposeful if it is updated on a regular basis and carefully positioned in relation to the business owner’s growth philosophy. A blog may be seen as a way of communicating with clients and prospects, something that a typical static website is not easily able to do. A website, after all, represents something like a snapshot in time whereas the blog, if properly maintained, is able to keep up with the times and helps to prove that the business is “on top of” all new developments.

How can a business utilitize a Virtual Assistant in maintaining their blog?

Blog Research:  A marvelous way to use a blog is to ensure that whenever a news story breaks that’s pertinent to the particular niche the business owner has a position to take on that story, with potentially positive benefit to clients or prospects. This requires the business to keep a finger on the pulse and can be a time-consuming prospect. The Virtual Assistant, on the other hand, is ideally placed to look for potentially powerful breaking news stories in a variety of different source locations.

Blog Content:  When information has been sourced it has to be converted into consumable data. This will require the Virtual Assistant to create a blog post, focusing on how the particular topic can affect the company’s clients and prospects.

Formatted and Tagging:  A blog post should never be too cumbersome, tedious or difficult to read. It should be formatted in just such a way that it is easy to consume, quick to interpret and also of benefit in terms of search engine optimization. The Virtual Assistant is the one to format the blog posts correctly and tag the post with the correct keywords in favor of SEO.

Block Imagery:  Any webpage that has no graphics whatsoever is likely to turn off a visitor. It has been proven time and again that purposeful imagery can focus the attention of a potential reader and is more likely to get them to read the associated content. Virtual Assistants can locate appropriate imagery for each and every blog post and can ensure that it is inserted correctly as part of the configuration of the page.

Blog Commenting:  Part of the power associated with blogs is the fact that dynamic, two-way, commenting can help to attract further interaction and is likely to attract more visitors. Virtual Assistants arrange to be kept in touch so that whenever somebody comments on a blog post a reply can be generated. VA’s help to ensure that spam commenting is not accepted or erased as and when it appears. Keeping up with commenting can by itself be quite a challenging task that is where your VA steps to manage for you.

How is your time spent on your blog?  Are you doing all the tasks above or enough to satisfy that your blog has posted and is kept up to date for the necessity of keeping your blog in the know.

Leave a comment on the status of your blog – does it have the necessary formatting, tagging, images, and SEO?