It’s been three months since I started blogging and I’ve fallen in love!  As I’ve mentioned in several past blog writings I joined a great blogging community of women and men. T.L.C. Club for Bloggers on Facebook.  In a few days I will be starting another blog challenge: Ultimate Blog Challenge.  If you are interested, check out the websites and join us to learn more about blogging and have fun too.

Thru these challenges I’ve met some great bloggers.  I’ve learned new technical skills, learned about their lives and businesses and read a few funny posts too.  Each and everyone of them are so inspiring.  For the ones that I’ve mentioned below take a few minutes, check out each blog, add them to your favorites and check back often to see their new posts.  You won’t regret it.

Diana Simon: From Coach to Entrepreneur:  Diana is wonderful!  Her blog posts are great.  I enjoyed her post on 7 Plugins I am Using on My Blog.  I learned a few plugins that I had not thought about using and will.

Lynn Brown, Learn It 2 Earn It:  I’ve learned much from reading Lynn’s blog.  SEO , Networking, Blogging Tips, and Marketing all areas that we need to continually keep up to date on.  Her latest blog Three Important Areas to Double Check Your Blog is very true and many business owners never think twice about going back and updating.

Now for a couple of creative blogs:

Veronica Campos-Hallstrom: Club Creative Studio:  Love her blog and all it’s creativeness.  You gotta love her Two Cent Tuesday blog!  Got Coins is a really neat idea to do with your kids or sit back and watch them go.

Sweepy Jean Explores the (Webby) World 3.25:  Sweepy Jean is awesome.  You’ve gotta check this blog out.  Her poems and 1+1 Wednesday are different and love them!  Take a moment look around her blog and check out her poems!  1+1 Wednesday this past week was really good, click here to read further.

I would LOVE to put everyone on here, but it would get too long and more likely you’d get bored reading them all.  If you have a favorite blog that you read often share below or even consider sharing your own blog!  I’m always up for new blogs!