If you have been using Social Media for several years now; you know how much this area has changed. You need an understanding of who and what your business is about and how to tell others about you.

Get ready to take a stand and make your business stand out on your Social Media platforms.

Grab a piece of paper or create a note in Evernote or use your favorite note-taking tool to answer these two questions:

1) What makes your business special?
2) What separates you from your competitors?

Stop what you are doing and take some time to answer these questions.


Wait, read on to see if these 5 areas will help you in identifying where you could stand out more in Social Media:

1) Look at your current products and services that you provide.  Review your testimonials.  See how you can emphasize the uniqueness from the comments left about them.

2) Follow up with your customers.  Are you reaching out to your customers with a follow-up?  Utilize customer surveys to get feedback.

3) Find out all you can about your competitors and use the information to your advantage.   Having that one or more difference in your business could put you ahead of your competition.

4) Look at your target market.  Do you cater to a certain demographic?  Specialize in a particular area or certain niche?

5) What makes you unique in your industry?  Are you a commodity that can be found everywhere?

Figured it out?  Did you find at least one unique difference that makes you stand out on your Social Media platforms?


Well!  Don’t be modest or humble!  Tell everyone!  Shout it Out!  Spread it across your Social Media platforms, website, newsletters, eBlasts, blog, and marketing material.

By the way – [ctt title=”Play your strengths, downplay your weaknesses and you will be the only choice in your industry!” tweet=”Play your strengths, downplay your weaknesses and you will be the only choice in your industry! @leonaamartin” coverup=”d0J4c”]

Ready to take the step to stand out on your Social Media platforms?  Go for it!  It’s time to take action!