I would never have gotten connected with new and old friends or been contacted about a childhood friend’s horrible loss a little over a week ago.  It’s her tragedy that has made me realize how grateful I am for having the internet these past 10 plus years and 5 plus years of Social Media.  I don’t mean that in a disrespectful way, but August 25th Hurricane Irene came thru turning off our landline phones, crippling the cell phones and turned off our TV’s.  Stopped publication of local newspapers and in some areas delivery of mail.

These ways of communicating have been around longer than the internet and Social Media but we were at a stand still of their uses and benefits.  Many of these have been the way of life since before the 20th century and
were considered our primary way to get the word out about happenings around town or across the states.  BUT the internet all we had to do was travel up the street with our laptops and connect into the local grocery store, coffee house and/or local library and we were once again connected to the world.  Of course Social Media wasn’t affected.

Do keep in mind many on the East Coast have lost not only these ways of communication with family, friends and those that they have connected; they’ve lost their homes and many lost their lives.  Thoughts and prayers to those affected by this Hurricane.

As for my story of this past week a childhood friend’s tragedy – Social Media and cell phone texting (which was sporadic) helped us connect but I wish it wasn’t via this very sad reason.  BUT I am grateful and thankful for this technology for I would never have heard, read, or spoken on the phone without.  We were crippled of these ways and most likely would NEVER have heard or re-connected.  The night that we reunited after over 25 years of having lost touch I truly believe myself and another friend put her at ease, a bit of shock, and a touch of happiness into her situation.

Another reason I’m grateful and thankful for the internet and Social Media is the connections of friends I’ve made.  When I first got on Facebook in 2008 it was to connect with my high school friends for our upcoming 20 year reunion.  Never the connections I’ve made since that time.  And putting my business on there was beyond any comprehension. From Facebook I’ve exploded to many other Social Media outlets (Twitter, Google + and more). WOW the friendships, connections and family members I would NEVER have met or communicated with without this technology is beyond what I would ever expected 10 years ago and it’s not going anywhere.

What is your story of the internet and Social Media?  Have you ever lost our traditional ways to communicate and been thankful to our newer ways?  Why did you get into Social Media? Ever get re-acquainted with old friends or relations?  Comment below, would love to hear your story.

~This blog post is dedicated to my childhood friend’s son who left this earth WAY too early and her husband.  For those mourning the loss of a loved one family or friend, please visit my friend, Maureen Hunter’s site…it’s full of inspiration and guidance.~