In case you are not aware – Instagram has been around for about 4 years and has over 300 million users.  Instagram is an app that features visual and video content and is downloaded to a smartphone or tablet.
Don’t let it be ‘one of those platforms’ I have got to add to my marketing.   Think of it as another great tool to utilize in getting the word out about your business in a visual and video manner.

Ready to move into the Instagram world?  It’s easy to get started and like many other social platforms you should create a few things before or as you are opening the account.

After downloading, follow these easy tips to do as you are creating your account.
  • Create an easy-to-read username! Try not to use several periods, dashes, or underscores
  • Use an Identifiable profile picture or logo. Size 110 x 110 pixels.
  • Make your bio appealing and consider adding the best URL for people to visit your website or wherever you want potential customers to visit. Could be to sign up for your newsletter or visit your Facebook page.  Your bio can not exceed 150 characters.

Now that your Instagram account is setup – time to get your business out there and be seen.

Start by growing your followers! How to do so?  Implement entertaining content.

Take note Instagram is much more than just images of your products.  Like other social platforms, people want to feel, see and hear your personality in your brand.  Then to establish that ‘know, like and trust’ factor.

Couple of ways get started on this path is to:

  • Follow others and when someone follows you, follow them back. You can follow up to 7500 people.
  • Use of hashtags! Research hashtags in your local area or other areas that you have sold to.  Hashtags related to your business, keywords.

Are you ready to post your first visual image/video?

Remember – Consistency is KEY and consider posting at least twice a day.  Once a day could suffice if you do the things listed above and more.  Don’t forget to converse on other accounts; mention, like, comment and use of hashtags.  Consider re-posting others content as well.

Ready!  Set!  Go!

Wait not quite ready to move forward?  At least consider looking into Instagram for your business marketing!  You might be surprised to see the amount of engagement on this visual social platform!  Research your competitors to see what they are doing….are they even on Instagram…if so, how are they using it to gain recognition and more.

Who is currently using Instagram in their business marketing?  Any tips you would like to post to help others in their Instagram success?  Comment below.