I was ready to post my thoughts on all the Social Media connections, but decided to hold off and do a fun post today.  A month back I did one on fun and different holidays and got some great responses so I’m back to do another one.  See every so often we need to step out of our box and do a different thing.

Fun & Different Holidays:

July 18th:  National Caviar Day.  This holiday suggests that something fishy is going on today.  How has your day been going? Good hopefully.  Nothing can be found to confirm that this is an actual holiday, but that is ok.

July 20th:  National ‘ugly’ truck day.  Guess guys can identify with this one.  What does your truck look like?  Have you or know someone with an ugly truck?  Then let them know of this day.  Of course there is no evidence this is a real holiday and most likely was seen on someone’s truck, but hey something could come of it.

July 21st:  National Junk Food Day.  Not a fan here.  BUT if you really want to honor this day, then feel free to head over to your favorite junk food restaurant or eat something at home.  I won’t be joining you, but will be thinking of you.  Once again there is no evidence this is a real holiday.  Enjoy!

July 27th:  Summer Olympics Games Opening Day!  Of course this year we aren’t having an Olympics, but mark your calendar July 27, 2012 Summer Olympics will be in London!  Click here to visit their website.

August 3rd:  National Watermelon Day!  YUM!  Love watermelon which is 90% water and 10% yum with a bit of fun with those seeds.  But nowadays you are seeing more and more seedless.  Oh well they still taste good.  Here locally in downtown Richmond (Carytown) there will be a Watermelon Festival.  What about you, is there a festival where you live?

After reading this consider taking a break too.  Step away from the computer to stretch, read a chapter or two of a book you put aside, or most importantly get a drink of water and/or snack.  We seem to feel we need to spend as much time as possible on our Social Media to make sure we don’t miss something that we forget to take care of ourselves as well as our families.

I saw a status update that really irritated me.  This person made a comment that their children asked them to get off the computer to spend time with them.  WHAT?  Seriously?  Your children had to ask you to get off the computer to spend time with them.  Before you ask this was after dinner and before bedtime.  The person mentioned they were on Empire Avenue when the children asked to spend time with them.  Even better this person said they had been on EA all day.  That’s another story……