Having hobbies in our lives can make our business and personal lives stronger!  In addition, hobbies can be very beneficial to our health.

Why?  My reasoning behind my hobbies is to have a fresh mind which allows me to be more creative and not stressed!

Do you have any hobbies?

hobbiesDo you have something to do when you step away from working on your business?

We all need something, we can’t spend all day working, being frustrated or stressed!

What are my hobbies?  Walking as often as I can in the morning or evening and taking the time to spend with my kids.  It is such a refresher to take an hour or two and walk, catch up (my walking partner is my husband) and then listening to what the kids have going on or doing with their friends.  It is so refreshing, stress free, relaxing and so on.

Consider this – the time you allow yourself to do your hobby(ies) will relax you, freshen your creativity, and make your family closer.

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Read the article from March 2014 on the Business Insider website in relation to why you need a hobby

After reading this blog and the article attached – do you have any hobbies? Do you make time for them? If you don’t have any hobbies, are you going to think about a few?  Most likely you have at least one hobby and never considered it a hobby.

A hobby is any activity done regularly at your leisure for pleasure. ~ Leona Martin

Comment below your hobbies and how they benefit your life in business and personal: