Several years ago a friend of mine suggested using Google Chrome after mentioning how frustrating Internet Explorer was getting on my computer.  Once I installed it I haven’t gone back to IE.  Especially after the apps that I’ve installed on here that are fantastic, time saving and easy to use.

Here are a few that I’ve been using for awhile along with some new ones I discovered:

  • Buffer: LOVE this app.  This app adds tweets and Facebook posts to your Buffer account which will automatically post them to your designated social network.
  • Clearly by Evernote: This one I found recently.  It takes a webpage turns it into an easier to read page then you if you choose you can clip it to your Evernote account.
  • Awesome Screenshot:  This is way too great.  For years I was using the print screen feature on my laptop then pasting into a program and from there doing whatever I needed done.  Now with this app I can do it all right there in Chrome.  It allows me to create arrows, lines, circles, free hand, blur out, and add text along with adjusting the color.  Once done I can save it as a .png and/or clipboard.
  • bitly: This was my first app on Chrome and I use this fairly often.  As many of you know this is a website shortener.  If you aren’t a fan of bitly there are many other shorteners listed in Chromes apps store.
  • Evernote Web Clipper:  As you can tell I’m a Evernote user – here’s another.  You can save interesting stuff you see on the web. No more bookmarks, tabs, or open windows. Just clip it and you have it forever.
  • Dropbox:  If you use Dropbox as your cloud backup then you may want to consider having.  You can browse your files and download any files you may need.

Of course there are MANY apps in the Google Chrome Web Store.  You can choose from education, entertainment, games, social media, and more.  If you are using Google Chrome take a few minutes and check out the apps they offer – you never know you might find a few that YOU like.

If you are a Google Chrome user and use apps – list below the ones you use and like.