If any of you are familiar with a few of my past posts here – I LOVE unusual holidays and well I have several here that I think a few of you will get a kick out of, take you back in time and one to give you a break……..Enjoy!

Friday, April 6th is Sorry Charlie Day – honors those that have been rejected and have lived through it.  I think we can at least agree to this once or more in our lives.

I had to pass this one along because I may take this up on this day for myself…..

Saturday, April 7th is No Housework Day!

Going to back up several days here and not sure how the boss would feel about this one ……

Tuesday, April 3rd is Don’t Go To Work Day Unless It’s Fun Day

Here’s one to take you back in time – let’s see how many of you remember these….

Wednesday, April 11th is Eight-Track Tape Day

Mark your calendars and update your Facebook status with these upcoming holidays and see what kinds of responses you will get from your friends and family.  Even post on your pages.