When I first started my business in 2000 I wanted to learn as much as possible, but money was tight and to spend anything to continue learning was difficult.  With the advancement of technology this was allowing us the opportunity to find free services online; why bother paying?free service Leona Martin

It’s been 14 years since I started my business and it has grown, expanded, changed and survived.  But with such fast moving technology it was hard keeping in touch with it all.  Those free services weren’t hacking it anymore.

I found myself old school in 2006 and really by 2008 I was extremely old school in my knowledge and skills for the times.

It was time to invest in my business and throw away the free services if my business was going to survive, grow and be successful.

There are some businesses that have great free services.  Taking that next step for the paid services just might get you further along.

Consider the following:  as you are looking at the free services that sites are offering, look at their paid services as well.  Compare the two making sure that there isn’t something that is being offered that you may be interested in.  Consider trying it out for one month and if it isn’t what you are seeking then close the account and grab the free service(s).

Look at the competition of two companies before deciding on the free one.  That paid service might have a few offerings that you need that the free doesn’t offer.   Mailchimp and Constant Contact for example.  One thing I have liked regarding Constant Contact is the EventSpot.  Mailchimp doesn’t have this service internally, but they do work with Eventbrite, only the cost of Eventbrite doesn’t compare to using PayPal and/or other credit card/cash processing services.

Invest in your business, Leona Martin free servicesIf you are ready to start investing and be successful then it’s time to make that investment.  Take all those free services and upgrade to the next level to get started, try it out for a month and you might be surprised to see all the things you were missing out on.

Comment below of any memberships that you use in your business that have or do help you grow.