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That first day with a Virtual Assistant can be a bit overwhelming, but don’t worry, that is the way of things.  Even if you hired an employee, it would feel the same way.  

Be patient.  

It can take time getting used to the idea of working with a VA.  Keep going, don’t stop! It’s too beneficial for you to give up – if you have spent the time searching for the perfect VA, she/he will keep you on track, on time, and making lots of money.  

Think back as to why you searched for your VA.  Keep those reasons why on your mind as you continue working with her/him.

Now if you are reading this and you have not found that perfect Virtual Assistant for your business, no worries.  Check out these past articles on Virtual Assistants giving a few tips on how, when, and do not rush.

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Comment below if on your first day you worked with your Virtual Assistant were you overwhelmed or ready to go?  If you are considering a Virtual Assistant – have any questions, comment below – would love to hear from you.