evernote-for-mac-iosI’ve been using Evernote for over a year now and finally had the opportunity to use the camera feature to save an image via my phone!  Attending an organizational meeting earlier today I needed an image of a document for a bit of note taking!  Grabbed my phone and off I go snapping away, right into my Evernote account for reviewing later.  Loved it!

Later I took it one step further I grabbed my Microsoft Surface to see if it could do the same.  Thinking each app may be designed differently for each type of phone, tablet and more out there.  Sure enough I was able to use the camera and right into my Evernote notes.

Here’s simple instructions using the iPhone Evernote app:

  1. Open the Evernote app (if you haven’t downloaded it – its easy to find the app and it’s free)
  2. Click on the ‘+’ (top right corner) to open up a new note
  3. Make sure you put a title in for your note (this can also be done later)
  4. Click the image of the camera (top middle area of app)
  5. Choose ‘Take Photo’
  6. Once camera is open – adjust the image to your phone and click the camera button
  7. If you are done, click the blue check button (bottom right)
  8. You will then be taken back into your note area – where it is saved

Go ahead and try it if you are an Evernote user!  The quality isn’t bad at all.

Do you use Evernote?  What do you use Evernote for and have you used the camera option?  Comment below your thoughts on Evernote and the camera – when have you used it and what are your thoughts?