Evernote as a Social Media Calendar – How is this Possible?

Leona Martin Blog - Evernote as a Social Media Calendar

I’m pretty sure no one has ever thought Evernote could be used as a Social Media calendar.

Yep it sure can!  I use it not only for myself, but my clients as well.  They love what I have done and become Evernote users at the same time.

Let’s get you started on using Evernote for YOUR Social Media calendar!


#1: Create 2 notebooks – calling it anything you like – for the video I used ‘Facebook’ and ‘Twitter’

Next step will be creating the main notebook with sub notebooks underneath.  Evernote calls them Stacks.

#2: Click on the ‘Facebook’ Notebook and drag it to be on top of the ‘Twitter’ notebook let go of your mouse.

Evernote will prompt you to name the STACK – This is where you create the main title to represent the notebooks underneath it.  For the video I used ‘Social Media Calendar’ for this is the purpose behind these notebooks.

Once you name that Stack you will see that the 2 notebooks created at step #1 are now underneath the notebook/stack you just created.

You can go ahead and create more notebooks to go with the notebook/stack and just remember to back to step #2 to get those notebooks underneath.

One thing I didn’t mention in the video, when you log into your account via the desktop version those notebooks will now show up and are ready for you to start creating.

Down in the comments – let me know how you are using Evernote, did you go ahead and start using for your Social Media planning or if you have any questions regarding Evernote.


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  1. Leona has been working with me for 2 years. She has helped me understand Evernote and how to use it to get things organized. I very happy that I now use it. It has helped me and my team stay organized, and find things easily.

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