If you aren’t using Evernote Hello app for keeping track of your business cards – may want to reconsider and download today!

I’ve been using it for several months now and have found it to be more than just a card scanner.  Connect your LinkedIn account to the Evernote App and as you are scanning the many business cards you receive – it will search for them on LinkedIn.  From there either send them an invite to connect or if you are already connected check out their profile on LinkedIn page to see if they have anything new going on all thru the Evernote Hello app!

As you may be aware, Evernote Hello creates a notebook in your Evernote account to store all the business card information.  Therefore if you lose or purchase a new phone; it will all be created right back into your phone without loosing those contacts.

Try it today and see what you think!

What other Evernote apps are you using – leave a comment below…..