I bet one of the reasons you started your list was to find a way to have more freedom in your business.
Freedom to take a day off when you want or need. Freedom to make more
money than you could at a 'job'. Most of all the freedom to be who you
really are and to make a difference in the lives of others.
It's hard to do that if no one can hear (or read) what you have to say. 
That's why email marketing is such an integral part of building a
successful business and marketing it on the internet. More than anything you need a way to reach a lot of people in a little time if you want to continually grow your income.
An email list allows you to get the greatest leverage.
The biggest reasons people stall on building an email list are:
- They are totally confused by all the options and what software to use.
- They don't know how to get an email form on their website.
- And, if they manage to get past those first two hurdles they don't know what to write to their email list!
Well, I have a great solution for you. Angela Wills is a gal who knows
online marketing and she's offering a workshop that will help scoot you straight past those three 'stopping' points and on to email marketing nirvana.
This course is going to walk you through, step by step, how to set
up your email list with Aweber. Then, you're going to learn everything you need to know about adding the code and setting your list up with WordPress.
It's called Email List Mojo. The quick details are:
What: Live webinar workshop that teaches you how
to set up your first Aweber list and add it to WordPress.
When: July 26th, 28th and August 5th
Who: Small business owners, service providers and virtual
How Much: Only $97
If you've heard enough then you can grab your spot here and
save $20 as a special discount I've arranged with Angela:
Email List Mojo
Coupon Code:  email
Want to see an example of what you can do with Aweber and WordPress? Check out Angela's blog where she's got an Aweber form on her WordPress installation - scroll down until you see the form that says 'Lost Your Mojo?....' (you'll learn how to do this): http://www.marketersmojo.com/blog
A bit more about Angela and why you'd be a smart cookie to learn from
Angela has a true 'laptop lifestyle', meaning she is a full time
entreprenuer who does't even own a PC or anything that can tie her to her desk. She's made a full time living online since 2007, when she quit her J.O.B. to work her Virtual Assistant business from home.  Angela created this latest email list workshop after seeing the need for more information for beginners who just need to know the first and next steps to getting profits coming in.
I hope you'll join the workshop and I'm sure you'll learn a lot if you do.
Here's how to sign up and grab a $20 discount while you're at it:
Email List Mojo
Coupon Code:  email
p.s. Almost forgot to mention that there's no risk to you with the
seven day money-back guarantee. If you don't like the course or
it's not what you expect then you get a complete refund for up to seven
days after the course begins, no questions. Angela is taking all the risk here so go ahead sign up and see what you think