You posted on Facebook, Twitter and even to your friends – that you are ready for a Virtual Assistant.  That’s great, but are you truly prepared to finding that perfect Virtual Assistant?

Do you know what a Virtual Assistant (VA) is?  How they can help YOU?

Yes?  That’s GREAT!

One key point: do NOT rush to the first Virtual Assistant that you see or speak to.

Take your time and think about what you are needing/seeking for you and your business.

It’s not going to be an overnight find.  It’s similar to hiring an employee – there are processes you should consider.

Grab a sheet of paper or two – you can even use Evernote (which will make it easy to submit the information already typed via email to Virtual Assistants).  Let’s get started:

1) Write down all the tasks you would like to pass along to your Virtual Assistant.

2) Write down the software your Virtual Assistant will need to have knowledge of.

3)  Determine how many hours a day/week/month you are possibly seeking.

4)  Hourly rate you can afford per day/week/month (optional).

5)  Consider time zone – are you in need of someone in your time zone versus another.  This is not necessary but some may consider this important to the type of business they are.

I could go on and on adding to this list so as you are creating this, but one more, think of questions you would like to ask the potential Virtual Assistant.

Once you feel this list is as complete as you think (it may change as you go thru the process) then it’s time to locate Virtual Assistants out there.

Take a moment to read this Hiring a Virtual Assistant is like Hiring an Employee.

Any Virtual Assistants out there reading this – comment below on another suggestion for business owners to do.