Meredith Raber Virtual Assistant Services

Leona’s aid in boosting my client’s website’s SEO was truly invaluable, as attested by the impassioned feedback. With her keen eye, she audited the site and provided a comprehensive report detailing the necessary updates to increase its ranking. What’s more, she deftly implemented the changes, resulting in a significant uptick in the website’s performance. Her reliable monthly maintenance, the site remained in tip-top shape.

Collaborating with Leona was a sheer delight, thanks to her exceptional communication and punctuality.

Robin C.

I was excited to meet with Leona to set up a personal strategy. Leona knows her stuff! She also knows how to create the session tailored to the individual. It was powerful and filled with immediate action steps. To top it off Leona also sent a follow up plan detailing what we talked about and included the useful links. I recommend Leona to speak with any networking group, organization or company that needs to boost their knowledge of social media.
Robin C.

Robin Boykins

I want to thank you Leona, for creating the gorgeous images for my IG account. Your skills is superb and I thoroughly enjoyed working with you.
Thank you so much!

Shanna K

Leona helped me stay focused and has helped me as a coach with establishing guidelines to help my business grow as well as my social media, communications expert. She is very creative and pours herself in her work. Leona likes things to be perfect but is also looking for ways to be efficient and different when it comes to being creative and she knows what she is doing and all her systems.