I could not have made it through 2020 without Leona.   I was searching for someone to help me take all of the business growth ideas swirling in my brain and create actionable plans.   We started working together in Feb 2020 and since then she’s helped my online fitness business grow 630%, yes 630% and that is not a typo!    I love working with Leona because she has the technical background to help me with website issues, graphic design, social media tips and tricks and tools to stay organized.    Leona is my sounding board and I can’t wait for our weekly meetings to share successes and things I am struggling with.  She is encouraging, supportive, never judgmental and knows how to push me harder than I might push myself.   To me those are the perfect traits of a good business coach and I cannot wait to see what we accomplish together in 2021.
BTW that is ALL very true!   I’m so glad I met you and truly value you as a coach.
Big Hugs,