Lakeview Counseling & Consulting

Working with Leona was one of the best decisions we’ve made! 
Leona was super responsive, and able to walk us through our website design and choices to make our site “pretty” and professional.  She was also really patient when we continued to make changes.
We love how the website turned out, and frequently receive compliments on it.
Thanks for your work, Leona!

Studio10x, Sarah

I love my custom quote designs so much.

You are a mastermind behind the scenes of all things needed: Social Media and Web Design

Thank you for instructing us “DIY’er” and producing great one of a kind custom graphics. You make it clear and easy on how-to-do, how-to- use and why-we-need-it. You are a lifeline.
Thank you for helping me become a successful social entrepreneur.

Alene Adornments Blog

I hired Leona initially to redesign and clean up my WordPress blog site. She proved very easy to work with. Her knowledge and enthusiasm worked hand in hand to upgrade and improve my site. I found her responsive to any and all of my questions. After the work was done I hired her to maintain the site. Her monthly reports and many suggestions for improvements have made my life much simpler when it comes to my blog.
I would recommend Leona to anyone with the desire to have a better performing and visually pleasing web presence.

Shanna K

Leona helped me stay focused and has helped me as a coach with establishing guidelines to help my business grow as well as my social media, communications expert. She is very creative and pours herself in her work. Leona likes things to be perfect but is also looking for ways to be efficient and different when it comes to being creative and she knows what she is doing and all her systems.