Studio10x, Sarah

I love my custom quote designs so much.

You are a mastermind behind the scenes of all things needed: Social Media and Web Design

Thank you for instructing us “DIY’er” and producing great one of a kind custom graphics. You make it clear and easy on how-to-do, how-to- use and why-we-need-it. You are a lifeline.
Thank you for helping me become a successful social entrepreneur.

Debbie Bowie Coaching

I have used Leona both virtually and in-house. Leona had been my administrative assistant for 10.5 years. Leona is reliable, hard-working, an excellent problem solver and very committed to doing quality work. She is always responsive and helpful when I have questions. I am very grateful for her diligence, her persistence in challenging situations, and her value of keeping clients’ information confidential. I especially like that she needs little direction once I inform her of what I need from her.
I have recommended her to many of my clients.
Leona is a woman of high integrity and strong work ethic. She’s been a pleasure to work with and an asset to my business.