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1. Business Designer (Virtual Assistant)

Package Projects

Not quite ready for that full on personal assistant or virtual assistant, but there is a project that you would like to have someone create/design for you. 

No problem.

These projects aren’t uncommon and may be a better option for most businesses.

Create a PowerPoint presentation

Create a single flyer, .pdf, or workbook

Setup your email service provider, freebie with automation) etc.

These are only a few ideas for small projects.

Reach out today and get that project designed!


Every business is different and every business has different needs.

Let’s chat – see what you are looking for and get that project off your to-do-list – today!

BTW packages may start at $100 per project.

Work with Leona


*prices are subject to change*

Look GREAT On the Web

2. Website Design!

Why a website

There are many reasons as to why a small business or entrepreneur should consider a website.

1)  is you gain a competitive advantage in your industry and improve your business image as well as developing more leads and prospects. 

2) adding a blog to your site will give you more ways to reach out and showcase your skills.

What's next

There are many ‘what’s next’.  This is really about what to use on designing/creating your website.  There are several platforms, but the most used is WordPress.  Here are a few others that I have built on:  Weebly, Wix, Shopify and Squarespace.  Schedule a consult to see which platform is ideal for your business.

Maintenance and Tweaks

You have your website created, but maintaining it, getting your blogs out and creating or updating pages can be a pain.  That’s why we now offer monthly maintenance plans or one-time tweak ups!  

Prices start at $97 per month for maintenance plans

Prices for tweak ups start at $250 per project

Website Build Pricing

Each Business and Entrepreneur is unique and giving a blanket quote can be difficult therefore we choose to do individual quotes on a 30-minute consult (free) that is designed for YOU and YOUR business.  Schedule a consult today!

Website Builds start at $599.00

 NOTE:  I recommend the use of DIVI Builder into websites – grab your license today!

*prices are subject to change*

Be Visual

3. Graphic Design

Why graphics are important?

As you know we live in a very visual world.

We want our images to be professionally appeasing.

We want our images to be within our brand.

It’s a way we communicate with our prospects and clients.

Images make us look good!

Lastly, its one way we communicate with our prospects and clients!

Is it YES to graphics for your business?

Check out a few graphics posted on my Facebook Page:  Client Graphic Examples

Where do we use graphics?

As you know graphics are used in many parts of our businesses!

Top places: Website, our blog, Social Media platforms, print marketing, online marketing and more!

No matter where you use graphics are they are needed to portray your business!


Why outsource?

Outsourcing your graphics not only saves you time, but the frustration of figuring it all out!

Or maybe finding the time to learn a new skill that truly isnt necessarily bringing you money.

Or you are loosing several hours in your day when you could be talking to a client, working on a new project…..

Wouldn’t you like to spend time making money over taking that time to get your graphics done for the day?


Pricing packages start at $150 for 30 Social Media graphics (Facebook or Instagram)

Single/Individual graphics start at: $45.00 each for one platform.

Schedule a consult today and let’s chat about your graphic needs.

*prices are subject to change*

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