Gotta small dilemma that I would LOVE to hear people’s opinions on, suggestions, or ideas.  Please comment below!  Here we go….

I have owned the site for over 10 years and recently purchased  The .co is my blog while the .com is my business website.  Many people have wondered why the two are separate from one another and I really had no answer except one is my blog while the other talks about my business, prices, memberships, and more.  Then someone mentioned joining the two together.

If joining the two I will need to re-design the whole site to fit in the new logo and more.  If I decide not to join the two I still need to re-design the .com site.  Either way I have to re-design the site.  I currently use as the hosting for the .com which doesn’t support WordPress so now to decide if I want the .com to be a WordPress site or not.

Do you see my dilemma?  Many decisions and things to consider when making this decision which is why I would LOVE to have ya’lls opinions, suggestions or ideas on the decision.

Oh yeah there is a deadline.  April 30th.  That is when I have to renew my hosting for the .com site.