I’m taking a break from all the serious writing we seem to do to draw attention to our businesses.  Lately I’ve been reading the same topics over and over with a small twist here and there from different authors that I need a BREAK. Grab your calendar and hold onto these different, fun and unusual holidays coming up.

One thing is for sure we all love holidays!  Holidays bring days off from work, family and friends visits and much more.  We also concentrate on the more traditional holidays like Christmas, New Years, Thanksgiving, Memorial Day and lets not forget our friends over seas.  Boxing Day, Chinese New Year, Canadian Day and more.  What about those fun non-traditional, no free day holidays that can bring smiles to our faces and the wow effect of “interesting holiday”?  Well here are a few in the coming days and one later.

Today (June 7th) is “National Chocolate Ice Cream Day”!  Who can pass up ice cream?Especially this being an American favorite and one my kids will like to hear.  It’s perfect for this time of year since summer is around the corner and a great way to cool off.  During your lunch break treat yourself to an ice cream cone of chocolate ice cream!

This is my favorite: June 8th is “Best Friend Day” a time to enjoy and appreciate your best friend(s).  I’m going to make a point to contact each one of my friends and say Hi!  Yesterday on Twitter I saw this retweeted and very fitting for this day: “The power of sisterhood is strong. Your girlfriends will be there for you when no else measures up. Honor them with appreciation @gayleking”.

Here’s a fun one:  “Donald Duck Day” (June 9th) in honor of Donald Duck making his appearance in “The Wise Hen” 1934.  Gotta love Donald Duck!  Here’s a bit of trivia: did you know he has a middle name?  Fauntleroy!  Wonder where that came from?

This should be a fun one for all you animal lovers:  June 23rd (date varies) is “Take Your Dog to Work Day”! In 1996 it was created by Pet Sitters International!  Click here Pet Sitters International to learn more.

Well my story here is getting too long, but being creative in your writing is what it is all about.  Remember write about something fun at times while still instilling your business into it.  When you are reading about a subject of interest doesn’t mean you have to write about it yourself or if so post it another day.  Have fun!  Make people laugh, smile and want to come back.