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Decisions, Decisions….

Gotta small dilemma that I would LOVE to hear people’s opinions on, suggestions, or ideas.  Please comment below!  Here we go….

I have owned the site for over 10 years and recently purchased  The .co is my blog while the .com is my business website.  Many people have wondered why the two are separate from one another and I really had no answer except one is my blog while the other talks about my business, prices, memberships, and more.  Then someone mentioned joining the two together. (more…)

Family Time

What a whirlwind of a weekend!  LOADS of fun!  The kids had a long weekend while I had to work one of the three days they were off.  No biggie, didn’t bother them or myself because I took the weekend OFF!  YEP I sure did!  Now I feel rejuvenate and ready to hit the week head on.

We should all take a weekend and spend it with the family or by yourself at the local spa!  Even if it is for only one day during the weekend.  It helps us re-group especially if the week wasn’t going the way we wanted it to.  Business ideas could pop up while going about the day away from the computer, business matters and more.  I know it did for me.  Today’s blog isn’t even close to my usual stuff and thought it would be nice to do something different for a change.

Here it goes….our family weekend!

Saturday: My son had his first soccer game of the season, they lost, but they all had a great time and have many more games to go before the end of the season.  Next to the movies.  Their choice: “HOP”.  They liked it; me I almost fell asleep. I did do one business need: grabbed a tutorial book on the new QuickBooks since several of my clients have upgraded.  Not all was lost on business.

Sunday:  House cleaning day.  Can’t let the kids get away with that especially since their rooms were a mess!  This weekend was the Arts & Sciences Fair for the local area while we knew one kid had an art project wasn’t sure about the other.  She had two projects there which really made her happy since she’s in the advanced art program at school and is our true artist in the family.

The kids announced that this was the best time they’ve had in awhile except for last Saturday when we did go visit a local historical spot.  Ok so I did take two weekends off, but really that was only Saturday I took off, I was back at work on Sunday last.

What did you do this weekend?  Did you step away from the computer and any other related business happenings?  Did you work after all?


Check Out My Older Blogs

I’ve got some great blog posts that for some unknown reason no one can leave comments to.  I’ve no idea as to why people can’t since the option to leave comments is open to all.  Would love to get some feedback on these past blogs done around the time of my blog going live.  Just have to leave the comments here on this page. (more…)


WOW, I’m here…well I think I am!  It’s taken me awhile to get to this point and hope that I am here for good!

Recently announced that the .co sites were up for grabs and figured why not grab one for my business so here it is and turned it into my blog location.

This is a whole new learning experience for me and am very excited about it.

Until I have the site up and running do check out my business website: and if you find that you are in need of services, contact me for a free consultation!

Leona Martin