Why Hiring A Virtual Assistant Is A Brilliant Investment This Year

Why Hiring A Virtual Assistant Is A Brilliant Investment This Year

If you’re just starting your business, you probably don’t have enough capital to hire full-time staff. However, to grow your business in most circumstances, you’re going to have to find someone to help with the day-to-day tasks. So rather than ask family or friends to volunteer their free time, why not hire a part-time virtual assistant?   It’s doable.

But it can be hard to see how brilliant of an investment it is for one to hire a Virtual Assistant, but don’t let that stop you!  Reading on you will see several things that will relieve you of the stress, overwhelm and time loss of running your business.

The following are what makes hiring a Virtual Assistant will be a brilliant investment this year!

But wait what and who is a Virtual Assistant (VA)?  Here’s a great definition for you:  Gartner Glossary: Virtual Assistant Defined

No Office Space Required

A virtual assistant can work from anywhere. This can save you a lot of money when it comes to renting and furnishing an office space. So, when hiring a VA, make sure to ask how they work – do they have a home office? Do they have a computer with a reliable Internet connection? Are they available to work during the hours you require? Hire someone who meets all of your requirements – be patient in this process, as you may have to interview several people before finding the most suitable person for the job.

Pay Rates Vary

Depending on where your Virtual Assistant lives, hourly rates will vary considerably. Pay rates may also vary depending on experience and workload. An experienced VA with knowledge of specific software, database or computer operating systems will almost invariably charge significantly more than a VA with limited experience. So, if you’re on a tight budget, consider hiring someone with limited experience (with a fantastic attitude) that you can train up over time.

Another option is, rather than hire a VA to complete various tasks that pop up each month, consider hiring a VA to complete a dedicated set of tasks, maybe daily to start. This way, you can quickly determine how many hours you’ll need their services for on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to stay on budget.

Hire the People You Need – When You Need Them

Do you need an experienced bookkeeper, social media guru or an attentive personal virtual assistant? If so, consider hiring two or three part-time Virtual Assistant’s to complete these and other business tasks instead of just one person. Most businesses, especially startups, experience periods of growth and stagnation before settling into an even flow. By hiring multiple VAs instead of a full-time member of staff, you can maintain your budget by increasing or decreasing the amount of work you’re outsourcing because in most cases, virtual assistants are only paid for their hours on task.

The key here is to hire VAs who can perform varying amounts of work each month. So, while some VAs require you to commit to a set number of hours each month, other VAs prefer to work with multiple clients on an ‘as-needed’ basis.

More Time to Focus on Building Your Business

With a virtual assistant supporting you, you’ll be able to spend more quality time with clients and customers. You can also focus on ways to grow and expand your business instead of fixating on day-to-day details. In turn, your business will likely become far more profitable over time.

To help you maintain this focus, your VA can update and manage your calendar, plan business trips and efficiently relay specific information to clients and customers. Down the line, and as your budget increases, you can delegate additional tasks to your VAs, such as generating leads, managing your website and anything else you can realistically hand over!

Reduce Your Stress

Become a better leader by getting enough sleep, exercising regularly, eating a proper diet and spending time engaging in hobbies and other life pursuits you’re passionate about – essentially, find ways of keeping your stress level to a minimum at all times. As you can see, a virtual assistant can help alleviate an array of pressures within your day-to-day business operations, which greatly reduces your stress so you can remain focused and excited about your business in the months and years ahead.

If you wish you had more time to focus on building your business, instead of just working on all the small tasks that never seem to end, literally what seems like day in and day out? Resonates with you, yes? Then you’ll likely be very receptive to the tips in this article for hiring one or more excellent VAs to take care of the day-to-day operations in your business that don’t require an in-person presence!

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Ready to Improve Your Work/Life Balance It’s Time to Delegate Today

Ready to Improve Your Work/Life Balance It’s Time to Delegate Today

When you’re busy handling all the tasks in your business, the rest of your life can kind of pass you by! This is where your work/life balance is not working for you.

Therefore you shouldn’t let your work/life get in the way!

If you can’t find the time to get a handle on any of the other important things in life, such as looking after yourself properly, seeing family or friends or taking adequate time to just chill out.

Then it’s time for you to transform your business… you need to delegate, and it really is that simple.

That busy lifestyle can’t be maintained forever, and too long working and living like that can lead to intense burnout that’s difficult to recover from.

Therefore, delegation is of most benefit when viewed as a long-term solution, rather than a one-off occurrence. It must be done well in order to be effective, and good delegation comes down to… what, who and how.

What to Delegate

You can delegate the majority of your recurring, non-money making background tasks such as social media management, general marketing, graphic design, editing, copywriting, administrative tasks, bookkeeping and customer service, to name just a few. By doing so you’ve just freed up your own time to concentrate on the income generating tasks that are core to your business, whether it be a service or product-based enterprise.

Who to Delegate To

Virtual Assistants (VAs) are the perfect resource solution for many different types of businesses, operating both online and offline. With a wide range of skills and a wealth of business expertise, VAs are able to provide experienced and specialized support at the level of professionalism required by your business.

How to Delegate

Even with a spectacular team behind you, delegation must be handled carefully in order to be successful. It’s important to be able to clearly communicate the outcomes you’re looking for, what you’d like to achieve, as well as if there are particular processes and deadlines by which you’d like tasks completed. If you’re not already clear on this, you can work with your VA to determine both the outcomes and the processes involved. Knowing this is really important, not only so that both you and your VA understand the actions and tasks at-hand, but so your expectations are aligned and ideally, are crystal clear.

“With effective delegation your business will become far less reliant on your time.”

Then… let the task(s) go!

Remain available to respond to communications, but don’t micromanage. Your focus needs to shift to your income generating tasks and your VA needs to be allowed to progress, and deliver the tasks assigned. Your confidence in delegating will grow – and knowing tasks will be completed to a very high standard and to deadline, and appreciating your business is being consistently represented at an extremely professional level.

The only thing left to do is consult with your VA as to how you’re going to keep in contact and how they’ll report back to you, for example through a project management platform with a written or verbal update once a day, or weekly. If you do not have something in place, your VA should be able to assist in this respect and have one in place for you two to communicate.

With effective delegation your business will become far less reliant on your time, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the new opportunities that present themselves. You’ll find you have more energy, can build greater momentum, can cultivate your ability to reach more customers, and finally work more efficiently.

All of which helps to increase your earning potential across the board as well as help your work/life balance!  Don’t you see?

You really can take more time off and reinstate your work/life balance at the same time!

Isn’t it time you gave delegation a go?

Learn more about having a Virtual Assistant working for you.

4 Easy Tips to Know Before Choosing A Stellar Virtual Assistant

4 Easy Tips to Know Before Choosing A Stellar Virtual Assistant

Before hiring a Virtual Assistant, it’s important to learn more about who they are and how they work. Beyond a phone or Zoom interview, here are four tips for selecting a stellar Virtual Assistant so you can streamline your business operations without delay.

Find your Virtual Assistant by utilizing these 4 tips in your search!

Review Websites

Review a potential virtual assistant ‘s website before scheduling an interview. Make sure each page contains proper grammar and punctuation. If you see lots of spelling errors or sentence structure that doesn’t make sense, cross that person off your list and keep looking. Actively look for information about the person’s personal, business and educational background. Get a sense of the person by reviewing their ‘About Me’ page and whatever else you find.

Professionalism (Or Lack Thereof)

Before, during, and after the interview, consider how professional the Virtual Assistant is and how well they responded to your initial engagements. If the VA takes too long to respond or ignores questions you have about work experience or specific skills, you may want to move on to someone else.

Keep in mind that how a VA handles you and your requirements is indicative of how they’ll handle your customers or clients. For the most part, your assistant is a representative of you and your business. If they make a bad impression or appear unprofessional, so will you.

How a VA handles you and your requirements is indicative of how they’ll handle your customers or clients.

Experience and Skills

Find out exactly how a Virtual Assistant can improve your business. Ask specific questions about their work history and skills. Enquire about systems and software they’ve used so you can best ensure you’re selecting someone with the appropriate experience. This saves valuable time in training your assistant down the line.

Depending on the type of assistant you need, enquire about their specific skills in more depth, such as website management, content creation, social media management, online research, data collection, or bookkeeping perhaps. Ideally, it’s helpful to select an assistant with a set of skills that meets most or all of your needs, right off the bat.

Ask for references, so you can actively consider some sort of verifiable social proof – whether in the form of comprehensive testimonials or praise. These references can at least to some degree verify if the assistant is being honest about their experience and skills. References can also give you an idea of what it’s like to work with this person and their professional personality.


Asking about their availability is very important! A virtual assistant can live and work from anywhere in the world. For example, if you need someone who can give a timely response to customer questions or client requests, a local Virtual Assistant (someone in your time zone or close to it) is essential. If you’re looking for someone to assist with anything that needs to be done on a daily basis – like social media for example, your VA doesn’t necessarily need to live in the same or similar time zone at all.

Determine if you need a full-time or part-time assistant. Some virtual assistants have multiple clients so the time they can work for you may be limited. Choose someone who can work easily with your schedule.

By the way, there are many many other things to consider as you go thru your search for a Virtual Assistant!  These will get you started on the basics.

Another thing you should consider is deciding a ‘start budget’.  Have you set aside any monies that you could use towards any sort of outsourcing.  Look into what Virtual Assistants are charging.  Pay by the hour, monthly packages or by project?  

In most cases, you’ll know who to hire after conducting a few interviews. If you feel a special connection to a person, or if your personalities mesh, then you should follow your instincts. Finding the best virtual assistant for your business is entirely possible, especially if you’re clear about what you’re looking for from the start.

Get out there and find YOUR Virtual Assistant!