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3 Easy Tips for the Best Facebook LIVE Session

3 Easy Tips for the Best Facebook LIVE Session

Start now on utilizing Facebook LIVE into your Social Media marketing!

A few tips and tricks for making the best of your Facebook LIVE!


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Did I miss any tips or tricks?  Feel free to comment below of any you would like to share.

Quote Day

What a week – short for many of us especially those that took a nice long holiday break!  Therefore today I will be short and to the point!  Here’s a quote I came across online……

What Does too Heavy Mean?

First I will say before I get started this is NOT medical advice or facts.  Consult your doctor if you have any questions or concerns.

In 2008, I experienced the worst pain I have ever experienced in my right knee.  I won’t go into details, but it finally pushed me over the edge to seek help and get answers.  Basically, I learned that the kind of damage I have in my knee will never heal. (more…)

There Are NO Excuses

I enjoy watching Biggest Loser every Tuesday night and seeing the transformation into healthy, fit people with great self-esteem.  Especially this season because the whole season has been termed “NO EXCUSES“. (more…)