4 Quick Easy Ways to Make Your Presentation Stand Out

4 Quick Easy Ways to Make Your Presentation Stand Out

I’ve been using Microsoft Office products since the early 90’s and have seen the advancements and improvements in all of them!  It’s amazing what we can create for our businesses today that wasn’t around in the early years!  As well as additional products they have added to make it easier to focus on one software versus many.  That’s another story to tell. 

This post is all about making your current and future presentations stand out, not be overly texted, fun slides, colorful (within brand) and unique looking!


As you know….

Presentations add impact to the conversation!

Help see key points to the discussion!

Make us smile and laugh while talking!

Just to name a few aspects of presentations as a whole!

Wouldn’t you love to take your presentation to a whole new level?

Not loaded with lots of text and crazy bullet points? Which take the attendees eyes of you – reading over listening.

Make them stand out with more images, less text (more talk), fun bullets and more color? To make the background of the presentation a bit more fun over a dull solid background of the stage?

Below I’ve created 4 quick how-to videos on ways to improve your look and feel of your presentation:

  1. Using Gradient Colors
  2. Change up Icons & Bullets
  3. Do More with images
  4. Creating with the Design Idea Feature

Of course, these are only a few parts you can make improvements to your presentation.

You can add video, a single image on a slide that represents the discussion, and more.

Using Gradient Colors

Hopefully the videos above helped you in creating a PowerPoint presentation that stands out in a variety of ways.

In conclusion: Find ways to make your next presentation fun, colorful, imaginative, and understandable, as well as focused more on YOU.  But keeping in line with your brand, key focal points of discussion and eyes on YOU is ideal for any presentation.  Use your presentation as a way to have focus on key points!

Staying At The Forefront Of Your Market With A Virtual Assistant

Staying At The Forefront Of Your Market With A Virtual Assistant

Most business owners understand and appreciate the importance of online marketing to promote their goods and services. Interestingly enough, instead of focusing on marketing, many business owners would rather focus on product and service creation, building new and exciting partnerships, business networking and employee relations. So, if you’d rather focus on these aspects of your business too, why not consider hiring a virtual assistant with tried, tested and proven online marketing experience.

Reach Out to New and Existing Customers

A virtual assistant with online marketing experience can help you effectively reach out to new and existing customers. As customer shopping preferences continue to change, your online marketing campaign needs to adapt as well. Essentially, not only do you have to reach customers locally, nationally and in many cases, internationally, you also have to adapt your online content to suit a variety of platforms (for example, any given customer may shop on their personal computer, tablet or smartphone).

Furthermore, your virtual assistant can develop online marketing campaigns that resonate with specific groups of people. Most virtual assistants will be able to create website content – or source it for you, find the best places online to advertise, develop online partnerships with other businesses that complement your products and services, create email marketing campaigns and even update content on various platforms, as necessary. So depending on the amount of content your business needs to reach customers effectively, in most cases your VA will be able to hire and manage freelance writers, graphic and web designers to help you pull it all together.

Providing the Ultimate Customer Experience

These days, customers want to fully understand what your brand is all about. If your brand matches their dreams, goals and passions, they will buy from you. More importantly, these customers will continue to buy from you if you can deliver an outstanding customer experience. An experienced VA can provide this experience by creating a website that clearly and fully demonstrates the value of your brand. In addition, your VA will be able to choose suitable advertising avenues (paid advertising, email marketing, apps, newsletters, etc.) to complement your website content.

Because of the many options online marketing provides to businesses trying to attract and keep customers, your VA needs to be able to select the right ones for your business. For example, if you own a retail store or restaurant, your VA should concentrate online marketing efforts locally. So, before launching any online marketing campaign, make sure your VA has a thorough understanding of your customers, and market as a whole for that matter. This step will help immensely when creating content and also help determine which online marketing strategies will be the most successful.

Attract New Customers while Maintaining Loyal Customers

Marketing to new customers is oftentimes different from marketing to loyal customers. Your virtual assistant may have to create two or more online marketing campaigns to keep a variety of customer types happy. This is to be expected as the sales funnel for new customers may be more complex than the sales funnel for existing customers. This is because new customers need more convincing to give your product or service a try. Loyal customers already know the value your business provides, so selling a new or updated product or service is usually a great deal more straightforward.

As you can see, hiring an experienced VA to handle your online marketing campaigns has many benefits indeed. However, the most important benefit to you is the extra time you’ll have to focus on other areas of your business, and personal life too!

3 Easy Tasks for Hiring Your Best Virtual Assistant

3 Easy Tasks for Hiring Your Best Virtual Assistant

Hiring a virtual assistant to perform daily, weekly, or even occasional business-related tasks can help your business grow.

But how do you find the best person (or team) for the job?

In many ways, hiring a VA is similar to hiring office staff as you generally have to conduct interviews to determine if they have the qualifications and skills you’re looking for. In addition, you have to clearly outline what’s expected of your VA so they fully understand the scope of the job too.

3 Easy Tasks for Hiring Your Best Virtual Assistant

Create a List of Specific Tasks for Your VA

Before contacting a VA service, or posting a job in a Facebook group, take some time to write down what you need your virtual assistant to do for you. Be specific. Create a list of detailed tasks such as maintaining your calendar, creating your business schedule, creating your email marketing schedule, managing social media campaigns, or even making business travel arrangements.

The ultimate goal of hiring an experienced, attentive VA is to make your life a little easier.

By delegating specific tasks to your virtual assistant, you’ll have more time to focus on business growth and expansion, generating more leads, and overall making sure your clients / customers are happy. In any case, having a thorough understanding of your requirements and being able to communicate these effectively is the first step in hiring the person most suitable for the job.


Determine Specific Communication Requirements

Do you need a VA who’s available during regular business hours? Or would you rather send your VA a list of tasks for the week?

How you decide to work with your VA is up to you of course, but you should let your VA know what you expect of them beforehand. For example, if you need to communicate with your VA during the day or more specifically, during office hours, consider hiring a VA within your time zone.


Ask Specific Questions During the Interview

During the interview process, get to know prospective hires by asking questions about their background. Ask questions about their education, work experiences, hobbies and maybe even go so far as eating habits – for instance do they focus on a plant-based diet or live for BBQs?

If your company relies on specific software, apps or databases to conduct business, ask the VA about their expertise. In some cases, you may want to offer software or database training, but if you’re looking for someone who can start immediately without too much fuss, look for someone with adequate experience in the types of software, systems or programs you’re currently using.

If you’re not very experienced with hiring VAs, you’ll probably want to make sure you ask for list of work references. While it may be tempting to hire someone based on one interview, you should verify that the VA is being honest about their experiences – especially if you require prior knowledge of specific software, systems or programs.

As you can see, being as specific as possible about what you need from a VA is essential to hiring one that will benefit your growing business. As you become more comfortable working with your VA, you may want to expand their role by delegating additional tasks. This is precisely why maintaining clear communication when working with your virtual assistant helps you create a long-term, mutually beneficial working relationship.

If you have any other questions or would like to share a technique you use in finding the best Virtual Assistant, leave a comment below.