Why Cross-Promoting is Key to your Social Media Success

Why Cross-Promoting is Key to your Social Media Success

Are you:  cross-posting or cross-promoting?


Either tactic can be fine, but in this article let me explain why the cross-promoting option may be better for you and your brand.

but first…

What’s the Difference?

Cross-posting is where one post has the same message across all your social media channels.

What does this mean?  It’s where you take either an image or link and use the same text/content and post on all of your social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc).

Maybe you are doing this to save time and this may be good and easy, but cross-posting can have it’s limitations.

Limitations?  Look at it this way… you have a post on Facebook, with great content and then you post it to Twitter.  Twitter ends up cutting off some of the most basic and possibly important content due to it’s character limits which includes the image.

Keep in mind images draw people in.

Of course there are other ways to get the content out properly and that’s via third-party apps, but the more tools you bring into your systems the more time it can take to get your posts created and scheduled properly.

Isn’t this whole thing about saving time?

Cross-promoting is content that has a single message or goal, but written content that is created for multiple messaging for each of your social media channels.  Basically each social media channel has different content but the same messaging or goal.

May take a bit longer to create and setup, but the success of connecting with each of your channels unique followers could be worth it.

Which one will you do?

I firmly believe cross-promoting is smarter, unique and better for the audience you have on each individual social media channel we use.

A benefit of using cross-promoting….

Speak the language of each platform!

Look at each of the social media channels – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIN, etc.  Each one has it’s own use.

Instagram is highly visual therefor you do not want a heavy message to overpower the image.  Twitter is a very fast environment and to have too much content over direct and quick would make people skip over.

Knowing and understanding how each social media channel works and how each is setup should determine the content you create for that single message.

Practices of Cross-Promoting

4 Best Practices in using Cross-Promoting:


  • Do not repost the exact same message!!  Posting the same message across all your channels can make you look lazy, label a spammer or even robotic.  Take the time to create different content for one single message on all the channels you use.
  • Share your content on relevant channels.  Not all channels will relate to your message or need to be shared on all your channels.
  • Do not post all your posts at the same time!  Take the time to have each social media channel post at different times.
  • Follow unspoken rules of each social media channel.  Remember each social channel has certain expectations or rules for content sharing.  Twitter and their limit in number of characters therefore content should be shorter and direct or punchy while Facebook is more on a personal relationship level as well as a bit longer and narrative.

Before you sit down and start creating your content determine which will you do – cross-posting or cross-promoting.  By the way consider creating a social media calendar to help visualize your social media postings.  Whether it be an excel spreadsheet or another source.

Would love to hear your thoughts on cross-posting and cross-promoting….leave a comment below….

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