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5 Tools for Managing Your Social Media Platforms

5 Tools for Managing Your Social Media Platforms

A few weeks back I spoke to a group of FAB Ladies with FABWOMEN on Social Media. One of the areas we discussed were tools they can use for managing their social media platforms.

To give them more information I decided to write a blog specifically for them!

FAB Friday – Social Media & Content Management Talk

FABWOMEN Ladies – here ya go!

As you ladies remember I listed about 10 different Social Media managing software available.  Of those I have 2 that I use for my business as well as for clients along with others that may assist you like the 2 I use.  Remember as you are reading the ones I use may not be for you and your business.

Hootsuite (I use in my business) – I’ve been using Hootsuite for quite some time before many of these other tools came out. Honestly, I like it!  The main feature once you open your account is the dashboard environment.  As you establish each platform you will see ‘streams’ showing you the content that is happening on each of the social platforms.  I was excited when earlier in 2015, Hootsuite added Instagram posting/scheduling! I never thought they would find away to bring Instagram in, but they did! Check it out! Hootsuite is FREE up to 3 social media platforms.  If you have need for more platforms…Hootsuite has paying plans.

Buffer (I use in my business) – I started using Buffer when it first came out in 2010. Loved it from the get go. I can do several things inside and outside (chrome extension). Buffer’s initial setup was to ‘bucket’ the content and have your content queued out to which ever social platform you have attached. As Buffer progressed many other features are now available: scheduling your content for future posts, tweets, pins and this November, Buffer added another top notch feature: Social Media Calendar! This service continues to grow, continues to improve and continues to give so many more capabilities that are beneficial to all of us.  If you are a big Pinterest users for your business….Buffer  will be perfect!  Buffer added Pinterest pinning and that is the main reason I now pay for Buffer.

The next three I do not use. Not saying these aren’t good tools, just that they weren’t what I was seeking when I did see them.

SocialOomph – has been around for sometime and it works similar to Hootsuite so I won’t go into too much detail. A small downside is that the free version only allows you to have Twitter accounts while the paid version you can have other social media platforms added. You can schedule, find qualifying followers, and monitor. Check out their FREE 7 Day trail for the full SocialOomph before making the decision to utilizing.

Tweetdeck imageTweetDeck – Like Hootsuite and SocialOomph it has been around for quite sometime as well. In 2013, Twitter purchased TweetDeck and has made it where it is only used for the Twitter platform and no other social platforms. If Twitter is your primary platform then this will be the best one for you.

Sprout Social – does not offer a free version. To use any of Sprout Social you will need to pay for it. It does work like most of the other social media tools out there with one exception….Brand monitoring! I have worked my Hootsuite dashboard to be my brand monitoring so I choose not to use Sprout Social.

Take a few minutes, check each one out.  You may feel Sprout Social is better for you over Hootsuite…go for it!  Each of us has different needs and goals therefore chose the one or more that fit you!

I’ll go even further!  While speaking I did mention several more, but listed below are 5 other tools that should be considered as well:

1) Social Clout
2) Sprinklr
3) AgoraPulse
4) Shoutlet
5) Mention

Do keep in mind – it is still important to continue to be ‘live’ on your social media platforms. There are times that make it great to utilize these tools, but still being there on your platforms is most important.

Which tool or tools are you going to check out? Have I missed another good one that you are using for managing your social media platforms…would love to hear from you. Leave a comment below as well on your thoughts on the tools listed too.

Investigating Pinterest

Yesterday’s post was about two pins that I posted to two different boards and realized that I was ‘spammed’.  Okay probably a strong word being used here or not in the right context, but read on to see what I mean.  (more…)

Pinterest Can Spam

Yes it can happen and if you were the original pinner then it’s attached to YOU.  I receive emails telling me who following, liked and repinned a pin on my Pinterest account and one day I was inundated with emails.   (more…)

Pinterest – Are You On?

Are you on Pinterest yet?  NO!  Let me know below and I will send you an invite.  All I need is your email address and an invite will be sent your way.  I will say I’m sure liking Pinterest better and better each day over Facebook.

I see many different things that the boards one can create are endless!  I ended up creating one board called “Don’t Know” because I’ve run into a few stories that are interesting but have no real place in any of my more serious boards.  Which basically says you can do about anything you want.

Here is one tip to keep in mind.  You don’t have to follow ALL the boards in someone’s area.  I have this one follower that I really like his stuff, but he created a few of these boards on an item (won’t say) that filled my area up.  Honestly I can’t believe we have so many of these in this world – it boggles my mind.  I ended up unfollowing these boards individually while still following his other boards.  What a nice option to have.

Oh and Pinterest isn’t just for those people that are posting recipes or fashions.  I’m following someone I know that her sister is getting married – she created a board “Ideas for ‘sister’s name’ Wedding”.  Nice idea.  I like my board “Virtual Assistant” – I post a few of my blogs that are on Virtual Assistants here and the services I provide.

The ideas are endless.  Go for it!  Don’t think this is only for certain people – no matter what kind of business you are in – Pinterest can work for you!

Also post below your Pinterest URL and I’m sure you can get more followers to your boards and start pinning away.


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