Networking is Awesome

networking-cornonthejobEvery Monday morning I get up early and head to my 1st networking group of the week.  It gets me motivated and on a roll for the week of many things happening! (more…)

Get Out of the House and Network Locally

I enjoy visiting and eventually becoming a member of local networking groups.   They have been very beneficial to my business and I’ve picked up several clients that I would not have picked up if I concentrated only online networking.  It isn’t just about making the connections, its about meeting people that I would never have had met if I didn’t get out and network. (more…)

30 Second Pitch, Do You Have One?

When you network do you have your 30 second pitch ready before the meeting or are you 'winging it'?  Many of us are 'wing it' while we are standing there.  Did you find yourself too wordy, flustered, at a loss of what to say?  Answered YES to at least one of those, read on….. (more…)