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Networking is Awesome

networking-cornonthejobEvery Monday morning I get up early and head to my 1st networking group of the week.  It gets me motivated and on a roll for the week of many things happening! (more…)

Check Out These Fun Bloggers

The third Friday of each month I list a few bloggers that I have enjoyed reading their posts and continue to visit as often as I can.  This week I’m listing a few FUN bloggers that I visit often.  Each one inspires, brings the creativeness out, and smiles.  Oh yeah a few times the “aaha” moment has happened.  Here you: (more…)

Get Out of the House and Network Locally

I enjoy visiting and eventually becoming a member of local networking groups.   They have been very beneficial to my business and I’ve picked up several clients that I would not have picked up if I concentrated only online networking.  It isn’t just about making the connections, its about meeting people that I would never have had met if I didn’t get out and network. (more…)