Quote Day

What a week – short for many of us especially those that took a nice long holiday break!  Therefore today I will be short and to the point!  Here’s a quote I came across online……

Fun Friday – Sorry Charlie

If any of you are familiar with a few of my past posts here – I LOVE unusual holidays and well I have several here that I think a few of you will get a kick out of, take you back in time and one to give you a break……..Enjoy! (more…)

Fun Blog for the Day – A Delicious Recipe Idea

There are times when we need to break from our usual stuff, relax and not be so serious.  This is why at times I usually will do a blog that is fun, but this time I’m writing a blog on FOOD.  We all love food and this one is delicious.  Enjoy. (more…)

Fun or All Business Saturday?

Usually I get up early and ready for the day before the kids are up to work on business stuff.  Today I slept in a bit – well I did get to bed at 3am after spending Friday into Saturday morning researching some upcoming things that I will be utilizing this year.   (more…)

Holidays….Social Media….Family

I was ready to post my thoughts on all the Social Media connections, but decided to hold off and do a fun post today.  A month back I did one on fun and different holidays and got some great responses so I’m back to do another one.  See every so often we need to step out of our box and do a different thing. (more…)

Do You Count Down Your Holidays?

I’m taking a break from all the serious writing we seem to do to draw attention to our businesses.  Lately I’ve been reading the same topics over and over with a small twist here and there from different authors that I need a BREAK. Grab your calendar and hold onto these different, fun and unusual holidays coming up. (more…)