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Do I Have to Use the Facebook App?

Do I Have to Use the Facebook App?

NO!  You do not have to use the Facebook app!  Not on your phone or tablet.  Especially, if you are using these for business connections.

Early last month, December 2014, I broke down and purchased my first tablet.  A Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.  I had always told myself I didn’t need one, but I decided to grab one and see what I could do with it that was different from my laptop especially for my training sessions on Social Media.

Of course I downloaded Facebook, Facebook Page, Facebook Groups, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, LinkedIn, Nook, and a few other apps that I enjoy on my phone. Several hours later I was ready to delete Facebook.

Why?  The very first thing I noticed was the size of the images – HUGE!  The images take over the whole 10.1 screen and was hard to figure out where to comment and see other comments.  On top of that couldn’t see the image in one screen.  So I removed it from the tablet home screen.

Once I did that I realized by utilizing the other Facebook apps, Messenger, Groups and Pages, these three were the only ones I really wanted or needed to conduct business via Facebook.facebook-groups

One key ingredient to the mix; I became more productive.

Look at it this way:  Groups and Pages allows us to only see those posts versus having to scroll down our news feed in Facebook and seeing other non-business posts that can distract us when we should be working.

Several months back I uninstalled Messenger on my phone due to the app downloading my friends list to my contacts.  I had uninstalled and re-installed several times making sure the sync process was turned off only to find them there again.  I do have it installed on my tablet for I don’t use it to check my contacts.

I haven’t taken the Facebook app off my phone, but then again I don’t like using my phone to answer emails let alone do business on Facebook Groups or Pages.  Once I get the hang of my tablet more – my phone may become obsolete for these apps to be installed.

Are you brave enough to remove Facebook app from your tablet or phone?  Especially if you need to be more productive in your time while working with or on Facebook?  Challenge yourself in removing Facebook and see how much more productive you become.

Would love to hear your thoughts on this – comment below.

1 Facebook Trend for 2015 – Facebook Ads (3 of 3)

1 Facebook Trend for 2015 – Facebook Ads (3 of 3)

We are down to the last Facebook Trend and I wanted this one to be the last in the blog.
Facebook Ads!
Have a new product or service coming out soon?
Facebook Ads is the best way to promote your product(s) or service(s).  You can still post them on your Facebook page, but how many of those LIKES are actually SEEING your posts in their news feed?  Of those LIKES are they your target market?  Remember you asked friends, family and/or participated in a ‘Facebook Fan Page Friday’.
Facebook Ads (the Power Editor feature) is the BEST way to reach out to those in your target market that are either following you already or Leona Martin PowerEditornot following.  One small note – Facebook Ads allow you to reach certain target markets by using filters.
Consider starting now!  Add to your 2015 marketing plan – Facebook Ads!
Did you see this announcement in the last few weeks from Facebook?
Starting Jaunary 2015 Facebook will start ‘penalizing’ Facebook pages that promote products/services for purchase on their page, ask them to install an app, enter promotions or giveaways that have no real content and those that reuse content from ads that have been paid for.
What this means is you will no longer be able to ask people to buy something directly on the page.  Of course there are ways around, but will it work?
My thoughts – takes away the 80/20 rule, but that 20 can be utilized in a different way.  Think outside the box a bit and be more strategic in your Facebook marketing.
Leave a comment below: What are your thoughts on Facebook Ads?  Will you be adding them to your 2015 marketing plan?  
2 Facebook Trends for 2015 (2 of 3)

2 Facebook Trends for 2015 (2 of 3)

Hope you found the first set of 3 Facebook Trends to be very useful and are ready for 2015 to start!

Let’s get started!

Here are the next 2 Facebook Trends:

  1.  include more personal and personalized content
  2. create and curate more content of value

Business pages should be more personable and have a personalized feel. Business aren’t considered B2B or B2C but P2P (person to person) in this social world. Therefore be yourself! Be REAL! Be YOU! Post selfies or images from events/workshops you have attended. Get your employees to post as well. It is time to be more human on your page!

I didn’t do a selfie here but this is from an event I attended couple of months back. It is so easy to do! Take the image then upload via Page Manager to your page!

Leona Martin 2015 Facebook Trends


Business pages should create and curate content of value!  I heard this the other day:
[Tweet “Stop striving for the ‘metric of more’ and focus on the ‘metric of meaning'”]

Focus on more relevance.  Be timely in your posts.  This is where insights come into play – review this often to make sure you are providing relevant and timely information.

Take the time to research for articles related to your business or clients interest (this goes back to also the native link trend) and schedule them out.  Put them in a system to hold onto for future use as well.  There are several sites that can help you curate content.  is one to use.
There you go!  2 more Facebook Trends to add to your other 3 from the previous week.  If you missed last weeks blog – Blog article 3 Facebook Trends 2015
What are your thoughts on these two Facebook Trends?  Will you use them to grab content for your business page?  Leave a comment below…….
3 Facebook Trends for 2015 (1 of 3)

3 Facebook Trends for 2015 (1 of 3)

It’s that time of year again – Facebook Trends!
Of course there will be more than 3, but we are going to take it slow.  Don’t want to overwhelm you with all these great trends!
Have you started working on your 2015 year!  There are only 6 weeks left from the time of my writing this to start preparing.  Then again this is another subject all together….let’s get back on track.
Here are the 3 Facebook trends:
  1. Post more variety of content
  2. Post more native links
  3. Include Facebook integration
What do each of these mean?  Let’s dive in….
Business Pages need to post more variety of content.  Examples of the different kinds of posts: create fun, informational, purposeful posts.  Use of humor and emotion.  Include Call to Actions (CTA’s) to send to website.  More personal video creation; short quick videos.  Look at people’s emotion and a solution to a problem.
I love this image here – grabs the attention of any age group especially the age group that remembers those days. This is emotion, fun and humorous.  Perfect kind of post for a page.
Leona Martin 2015 Facebook Trends
Business Pages that post more native links receive more priority in the news feed.  This does away with the ‘click baiting’ idea where you are being asked to click on a link to find out more information.  The idea of native links is to share through a link in a photo caption (make sure your image fits).
Here is a native post that doesn’t utilize the ‘click baiting’ – gives a quote and allows you the option to click for more quotes by Warren Buffett.
Leona Martin 2015 Facebook Trends
Businesses should consider Facebook integration on their website.  Do you have a Facebook LIKE button, share capabilities and allow the Facebook commenting.  If you have a membership site are you allowing people to login via their Facebook account?  Are you utilizing the embed post option where you can embed a post on your website which allows more engagement?
I’ve included here an embedded post from a Facebook page – go ahead and test it out.  See what you think.  Will you use it?

That is about it for this today!  3 Facebook Trends to consider integrating into your 2015 marketing plan!  Take a moment and re-read these, take notes and figure out what you can do for your Facebook Marketing Plan this 2015.
Would love to hear from you!  Which Facebook Trend(s) grabbed your attention the most?  Are you already using one of these Facebook Trends on your Facebook Page?  Tell us – leave a comment below!
Facebook Cover Image Sizes for 2014

Facebook Cover Image Sizes for 2014

A few months back Facebook made several changes to the business pages.  One such change was to the Facebook cover image.

As the two images below show several adjustments have been made to the current cover image design.  These changes aren’t bad, but can be a bit frustrating.  Don’t let it be because as the tip below states – you will want to change this often.  In the meantime, take a look at your current cover and see if it needs to be adjusted.

Pay attention to the the location of the Profile Image (which has not changed), immediately beside the profile image the name of your page and category and the other boxes to the bottom right.  In your designing make sure these two areas are free of words or key images you may be using.  If you use Canva or PicMonkey, their templates recognize the size, location of the profile image while the other areas you will need to watch as your are creating.

2014 Facebook Cover Image Sizes

Click image for larger viewing.

FB Cover Image 2014

Click image for larger viewing.

Facebook Cover Image Tip: consider changing your cover image at least once a month.  Think of your Facebook cover image as another way to advertise/market your business.  Especially since Facebook frowns upon us posting about selling our business services and products (that’s another blog article).

Is it time to change up your Facebook Cover Image and not sure what to do?  Here are a few suggestions on what to use for your designing: showcase something current in your business, new/upcoming services or products, feature clients and their testimonials, be fun and creative.  Am I missing something?  Comment below what you have done to your Facebook Cover Image.

If you haven’t updated your cover image for some time now….do so!