Why Newsletters are Still Important Today

Why Newsletters are Still Important Today

Businesses have been using a newsletters long before email and social media ever existed.

Newsletters came in many formats depending on the business.  You could receive a booklet, catalog, pamphlet, 10-page or 1-page newsletter.  Whatever the business was trying to point out to their clients.

Why did businesses start creating newsletters?  They did it for various reasons and here you will learn a few of those why’s because they still exist today!newsletter

Personally, my main reason for a newsletter – a way to connect with my current and potential client(s).  Of course reading further you will see my other reasons.

Here we go:  Announce a new product or service.  Invite clients to an event or webinar you are hosting.  Show off your expertise and skills in your business.  List a few resources.

Having a newsletter is the way to go to talk about YOU and YOUR business!

Need more convincing?  Here are more whys for a newsletter:

  • Keep in touch on a personal level
  • Way to drive sales
  • Increase traffic back to your website
  • Show authority in your services/products

Still not convinced of the potential for growth a newsletter could have on your business….then read the following article:  5 Reasons Why You Need  an Email Newsletter by AMEX Open Forum.  Several of the reasons are duplicate, but there are a few added – Social Media.  Just having the Social Sharing buttons in your newsletter can boost your click thru rate.

It’s time to get on the bandwagon and let your clients know more about YOU and YOUR business!  Start your newsletter!

Comment below and share your WHY on starting a newsletter for your business.