NO Excuses!

43285b96b67fbad5af6fe5469e363081That’s right!  Stop making excuses!

A friend of mine was saying how they need to turn the TV off and work.  I mentioned for her to consider getting out of the house as well! Packing her laptop, notebook, whatever else she may need and head to the local Starbucks for a cup of tea…that’s all she needs…and work.  She agreed, but she kept making excuses as to why she can’t.

There aren’t any excuses when it comes to working your business.

If you are finding that being in the office is a bit distracting – then it’s time to GET OUT!

I did just this several days before speaking to my friend and WOW that day I got loads of things I wanted to work on completed!  That is what I’m doing as I type this – I’m at the local Starbucks working away.  That is my goal going forward – at least two times a week I will be heading out of the home office to either the library or coffee house to work.

Are you guilty in making excuses?  Have you made a resolution this year that will do away with your excuse?  Leave a comment what that resolution is.